Herbs Color Sorter

Herbs Color Sorters are designed with mechanical-electrical integration for ensuring stable and effective performance. They are provided with latest-design bridge-type material to ensure low noise, minimum jitter amplitude and excellent sorting efficacy. These machines ensure high vibration frequency to ensure to settle the problems of uneven sorting. With three-tier tea-sorting machines, issues of underproduction can be easily eradicated. They are designed with efficient air cooling system that has removed the problems of high temperature and energy loss. With endurable light source of intelligent LED shadow less cold lights, these Herbs Color Sorters are sure to maintain constant temperature. High-end CCD sensors and color lens selectors with high-definition imaging technology are available in the machine.

Key Features:

  • Sorting can be adjusted as per the color or shape as per the needs.
  • Unique design with broadening sorting chamber to solve the problem of partial sorting.
  • Durable blowing nozzle and valve-driven mode accelerate the response speed.
  • Autonomous cloud control with advanced cloud computing technology is implemented.

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