Installation Conditions for The Machine

Site requirements

The installation site should be flat and solid, and the constructed working platform should be away from strong vibration sources like the polishing machine and white rice grader.

Environmental requirement

Like the common domestic appliances, in term of ambient temperature, the color sorter is required to be below 35 Degree so it is recommended to construct AC room in areas with high temperature

Light requirement

As the external light will directly affect the color separation, it is necessary to keep the color sorter away from strong light and forbidden to put a ceiling lamp above it. Enough lighting, of course, is necessary for the operation .

Maintenance space

Enough space around the color sorter is necessary for debugging and maintenance, and the recommended space around the sorter is above 60cm.

Ground wire requirement

As grounding the sorter can avoid the lightning strokedamage to the machine or any personal damage due to current leakage which resulted by misoperation, users are recommended to embed ground wire before welding the platform.


Work Flow

The Company first launched intelligent CCD color sorters in 2008, which filled the blank in homemade high-end intelligent color sorter. Currently, the company uses high-end color CCD and grayscale CCD processing system as platform, based on SKC image processing software to develop agricultural products sorting equipments such as rice color sorter, minor cereals color sorter, tea color sorter, beans color sorter, kernel color sorter, seeds color sorter, dehydrated vegetable color sorter and other series and industrial sorting equipment of industrial salt, plastics etc.

Carter Sorter

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