Salt Color Sorter

With an emphasis on accuracy arranging and predictable yield, the Pulses Color Sorter meet the prerequisites of little, expansive and medium processors. Arrangements are provied for all assortment of chana, urad dal, moong dal, arhar dal and masoor dal, od various origin and sizes, in every form, whole and splits, without or with skin. bichromatic and monochromatic obvious cameras, elevated resolution innovation and special advancement of our Pulses Color Sorter guarantees the choice of the most noteworthy quality pulses. Our sorter conveys high proficiency in the expulsion of contaminants, for example, chalky, discolored, subtle color, etc. to accomplish ideal item quality.

Key Features:

  • Distinctive shading materials are evacuated in an arranging.
  • Lesser power utilization and air prerequisites decrease operational expenses.
  • Resort choice permits the recuperation of good item through the reject stream.
  • Around 15 automated pre-settings for handling different items.

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